C.6 Keep It Green: Shoreline Vegetation ConservationJanet Wright, Hannah Liss, Greg Goforth

Picture of skunk cabbage in bloomWe know that vegetation is important to the environment, but to what extent? From new home construction to walking trails and more, land use can impact our local landscapes in a myriad of ways.

Picture of shoreline vegetationThe natural beauty of Island County is what drew many of us here! Come hear from Island County Planners about the role that flora play in supporting slope and shoreline stabilization and our water quality while providing essential habitat for local wildlife. With over 200 miles of shoreline in Island County, there is both opportunity and challenge to maintain our stunning landscape.

Presenters will discuss how you can proactively minimize your impacts through recommended and permitted activities related to vegetation conservation within wetlands, shorelines and their buffers. This straightforward overview will also touch upon both allowable and prohibited activities. You will leave this workshop feeling empowered to make improvements to your land while promoting a stable and vibrant shoreline environment!Sceanic view of bluff habitat