B.14 Pulling Together - Local Jobs in Watershed Restoration and StewardshipJill Silver

The Pulling Together in Restoration Project (PTIR) is a landscape-scale jobs-in-restoration program working across jurisdictions in coastal watersheds to prevent the spread of invasive species and thereby protecting the natural resources that sustain local communities and are enjoyed by millions of visitors each year.

In this class you will learn about the negative impact of invasive plant species, the conditions that promote their growth, and how climate change can provide the ideal invasive sites for these generalist species.

By helping to limit the spread of invasive plants, PTIR saves the public, agencies, private industry, and tribes billions of dollars in the future, while empowering communities, local youth, agencies and tribes in stewarding local watersheds and the natural resources dependent on them.

This program charts the pathway toward resilient and healthy watersheds, establishing a model that validates the efficacy and benefits of local jobs in stewardship – a model we hope to inspire others to deploy!