C.5 Joyality - Tools for Empowerment, Connection and Conscious ActionRachel Taylor

We must know something to love it. We must love something to protect it. Yet often, we spend our time as activists focusing outward, without nourishing the connections, relationships, and reasons for our activism.

We live in trying times, times of great chaos, uncertainty, and collapse. How can we maintain our active hope and inspiration in times like these? How can we empower ourselves and others to create a community of changemakers who act from our love for this world, rather than from our fear? How can we experience and honor our grief at what is happening to our world without drowning in it?

This workshop is an exploration of these questions and a taste of Joyality - an Ecopsychology and Activism Toolkit and Resilience Training Program. We will enliven our connection to nature, explore how to transform difficult and painful emotions into inspiring fuel for changemaking, and tap into our joy for being alive at this time on planet earth.