C.17 Upstream Land Use and Its Impacts On Our Shoreline and OceansMatthew Colston

Picture of Glendale Creek and ParkWhat we do at the highest elevations in a watershed affects the bottom of the Salish Sea. Even though we may not live on the beach or near a stream or river, almost every drop of water in the Salish Sea and Western Cascades ends up right back into the Salish Sea one way or another.

Development in our area is at an all-time high. With more people there are more cars, more buildings, more concrete, and more seen and unseen relationships across the wildland-urban interface.

Picture of Glendale creekFrom livestock and fertilizer use to clearing and grading, this class will discuss the effects of human development on the Salish Sea, including chemical and biological changes on the shoreline and in our coastal waters. Increases in contaminants of emerging concern and changes in wildlife will also be reviewed. This class will present actions we can take  to mitigate changes in land use to protect this region, including low impact development, best management practices, and good urban planning.  Finally, we will review zoning codes, land use changes, and relevant updates to the regulatory side of the equation.