B.8 From White Caps to Watersheds: Myriad Lives IntertwingledJohn F. Williams

When we go for a walk in the woods or on the beach, there is an abundance of interesting creatures and habitats, from tiny crabs to giant glacial erratics. Yet some of the most fascinating aspects are nearly invisible: the relationships.

Creatures are linked to each other, to the rocks, to the currents, and of course, linked to us. John F. Williams will highlight some of these relationships with excerpts from his collection of films and from his new publication, “Salish Magazine."

John will also illustrate that the relationships are not just random…there is actually a “system” in ecosystem. He will show examples of these relationships and briefly sketch out what a “system” is, and some of the ways we can represent systems.

Discussions will include why we want to portray ecosystems - how simplification is necessary, but oversimplification is a problem.

He will explain how learning about these ecosystems actually improves our relationships with them, and he will talk about some of the new tools we have for doing this better.