C.15 Tsunamis in the Salish Sea: Hazards, Sources, RecurrenceCarrie Garrison-Laney

Modeled Cascadia tsunami in the Salish SeaIn this class, we will learn about geologic evidence forTsunami deposits at Discovery Bay, WA past tsunamis, and explore some of the locations along the coastlines of the Salish Sea where paleotsunami deposits have been studied.

We will consider potential sources of tsunamis, including the Cascadia subduction zone, local faults such as the Seattle fault and South Whidbey Island fault, and also landslides, both subaerial and submarine.

We will look at tsunami modeling results for several Salish Sea sites, and the chronology of past tsunami events determined by radiocarbon dating.

Most importantly, we will discuss the hazards associated with tsunamis in the Salish Sea and what to do in the event of a tsunami.