A.7 Firewise Whidbey-Style: Landscaping Tips for Island Landowners Living with Wildfire in Our BioregionKelsi Mottet

First Firewise Community Members of Island CoWhen it comes to wildfire, does Whidbey Island come to mind? 

Although most of us think about our neighbors east of theKelsi teaching about Home Ignition Zones (HIZ) mountains when thinking about wildland fires, Whidbey's unique wildfire regime has sculpted this landscape like all its other natural processes.

Kelsi Mottet, Whidbey Island Firewise Coordinator, will teach you about wildfire science, the unique history of wildfire on Whidbey Island, and ideas for how you can adapt your landscape to living with the threat of wildfire, Whidbey-style, while meeting your other conservation and land-use goals.