A.20 The Great Bear Rainforest: A Look at the Salish Sea 200 Years AgoDan Clements

Picture of a Spirit BearApproximately 400 miles north of Langley lies British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest. Much of the area is extremely remote and undeveloped. A visit to the myriad of coastal islands, fjords, high mouSalmon schoolntains, and indigenous peoples provides us with a look back in time at our own Salish Sea. This was a time when First Nations populations were thriving, salmon were plentiful, and creation myth reflected geological reality.

In this class we will discuss the Tsimishan creation myth, and how Raven the Creator and Black Bear agreed that every tenth black bear would be white, and called Moksgm’ol, to remind Raven of the terrible days when ice covered much of the land.

picture of wolfFrom a 14,000 year old myth we will jump forward to present day and see photos of a trip through the Great Bear Rainforest. We will see Moksgm’ol, the Spirit Bear, and other creatures who inhabit the area's forests, rivers, and salt water environs. We will close by discussing how a changing environment and development threaten this pristine area; just as development and a warming climate have impacted our Salish Sea.