C.14 The Salish Sea: Three Bodies of Water Seen as OneBert Webber

Map of the Salish SeaLearn about the origin of the Salish Sea as a single body of water and what we can do to protect and preserve the natural qualities of its water.

"The name Salish Sea goes beyond the romance of the sea that seems to fuel popular branding campaigns. It is used by scientists to describe the shared natural resources of the marine environment off the coast of western Washington and British Columbia. The Salish Sea – and the life that depends on it – doesn’t respect political borders. It drifts over and through them.

'When you start looking at how the science of it works, and how the fresh water that enters into these bodies of water mixes with the salt water, you realize that there is one ecosystem that ties them all together. And that one ecosystem is a basis for much of the riches of the resources we all enjoy,' says Canadian-born, Bert Webber, a professor emeritus of geography and environmental social studies from Huxley College, at Western Washington University in Bellingham."

(From Bellamy Pailthorp, KNXX Public Radio)