A.17 Shore Enough! Birds of Rocky and Sandy BeachesMartha Ellis, Steve Ellis

Black Oystercatchers at Deception Pass State ParkWeathering storms and dodging falcons, hundreds of shorebirds arrive on local beaches each fall. Scurrying, probing, and hammering, they eke out a living during their sojourn here. They are the very definition of tenacious. Subtle (and in some cases, comical) in appearance, these active sprites travel great distances to winter here.

Come see what life on the rocks is all about. This class covers shorebird identification tips, breeding practices, their remarkable flights and the hazards they face. We will also talk about their special adaptations and foraging techniques - from the long, down-curved bill of the Whimbrel to the dine and dash Sanderlings.  Whimbrel at Oak Harbor City Beach

This is the first of a two-part series from the instructors who presented the popular Fishing For A Living classes.