C.1 A Glacial History of Puget Sound and Its Relevancy to Communities TodayDan McShane

Bluff near beach where face of bluff has sloughed off revealing different sediment layersStratigraphy of large landslide at Dabob Bay

The last glacial period in Puget Sound shaped the region.

The natural resources, locations of cities and towns, and transportation routes are all impacted by the events that took place in Puget Sound between 20,000 and 13,000 years ago.

Lidar Map of part of Whidbey Island

The emphasis of this class will be to provide an overview of the glacial history of the Puget Sound and to link that glacial history to what we see on the ground, along our shorelines and in the water today. Understanding the legacy of this glacial history provides insights into geologic hazards, how our communities have grown, and the challenges we now face.

LiDAR imagery showing glacial ice movement, Fidalgo Island and North Whidbey Island