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BC.1 Getting Ready to Rumble: Natural Hazards Encountered on Whidbey Island and Emergency Preparedness (Double Session)Eric Brooks, Rhonda Paulson, Sue Ryan, Jody Jeffers

Home damaged by local stormIsland County contains beautiful, awe-inspiring landscapes with prodigious bluffs, glacial till and panoramic views of Puget Sound, all creating a paradise in which to live. Just driving across Deception Pass Bridge or sailing on one of our Washington State Ferries takes one's breath away. But the landscapes that make this such a wonderful place to live and visit also creates some difficult challenges.

Island County, due to its location, is vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters. We live in one of the most seismically active areas in the nation. There’s the Cascadia Subduction Zone off the coast, multiple fault zones crossing the islands, and others surrounding us.  Books like Cascadia’s Fault, Full Rip 9.0, Cascadia, and a variety of news articles and documentaries all describe the devastation from “The Big One” that is predicted to strike our region.

Earthquakes, as well as tsunamis, high winds, ice storms, or fires could quickly damage our critical infrastructure for extended periods and leave us vulnerable. Fortunately, the Island County Department of Emergency Management and its community partners are focused on strategies to keep our community safe, both prior to and after disaster "rumbles".

This unique, double session, class introduces useful tools and information that will help you and your family respond, recover, and rebuild your community and your home before, during and after a disaster. Topics include:

  • Identifying Hazards of Island County;
  • Developing an Emergency Plan for you and your family;
  • Building an Emergency Kit that works for you;
  • Staying informed before and during an emergency; and
  • Additional training opportunities and getting involved.