C.16 Update on Orca Tribes of the Salish SeaHoward Garrett

Orca breechingAll around Whidbey Island, the San Juan Islands and throughout the Salish Sea we often see "resident" orcas and "transient" orcas. They look very similar, but their behavior is completely different.

Breeching Orca



We'll look at the natural history of the species, how and where field research is being done to find out more about them, and the resulting picture of diverse orca populations worldwide. The Endangered Southern Resident orcas have restricted their diet to mostly chinook salmon for millenia, but those king salmon are scarce these days. Now down to only 74 members, the orcas are barely surviving. We'll also talk about Governor Inslee's Orca Recovery Executive Order, and the resulting Task Force process to find solutions.

For more information, see:  www.orcanetwork.org/