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The Salish Sea - A Sense of Place

Under water image of kelp forestOur keynote presentation will treat Sound Waters University 2018 participants to portions of Florian Graner's recent film “Beneath the Salish Sea.” He will share his perspectives on how the knowledge of who and what shares our environment is crucial to developing our “sense of place." This awareness enhances  our desire to better understand the area in which we live, how we impact the environment around us and how we can mitigate our impact and become true stewards.Salish Sea sunset

Join us to become part of the “knowledge to action” movement and help exploit the potential to restore damaged habitats and bring back the richness and abundance of wildlife which once gifted the Salish Sea.


By: Florian Graner

Photo of Florian Graner divingFlorian has lived on Whidbey Island since September 2006 after moving from Monterey Bay, California. While he holds a PhD in marine biology and is still very well connected with the scientific community, his main focus and profession is the production of natural history documentaries and educational and outreach videos. For this reason he has founded his company, Sealife Productions.

Florian has been a research diver since 1990 and has NOAA observer diver status. During 3,000 dives, he has filmed extensively in local waters of the Salish Sea, as well as in remote regions of the planet.

Current video and cinema productions feature the Salish Sea and the Olympic Peninsula, including the natural history documentary currently on the National Geographic Channel: “America’s National Parks: Olympic”. His documentary film “ BENEATH THE SALISH SEA” is a a wide screen movie project currently touring Puget Sound and undergoing popular annual up-dates. Today it is in its 7th edition. Beyond that in more than 20 years of film making Florian has dived and filmed in many remote regions, working for award winning series productions such as Blue Planet / BBC, Amazon Abyss / BBC, Pacific Abyss / BBC, River Monsters, Discovery Channel and many more.

Florian received his PhD and MS in Marine Biology from the University of Liverpool. Most of his scientific work focuses on marine mammals and his PhD work was done on harbour porpoises in Norway. You can learn more about Florian and his extensive cinematography and documentary production experience from his company’s website at

Listen to the January 12th 4pm interview of our keynote speaker by Ed Bremer, host of Sound Living. (available thru Jan 26 @ KSER)

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