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Drew Collins

Photo of Drew sitting down in front of rock wall at the waterline wearing a wet suit for diving

Drew Collins' life has always been connected to Puget Sound.  He grew up hiking, biking and swimming in the beautiful mountains, valleys, and waters that support life in this area, His experiences quite naturally made him an advocate for a cleaner and healthier environment.

Drew is a professional underwater and land photographer / videographer living and diving primarily in Puget Sound near Seattle, Washington. He is rarely in the water without his camera gear. He began diving in April of 2009 and to date has completed over 1000 hours in the water. ~80% of those dive hours were in Puget Sound.

He volunteers much of his time supporting life sciences and environmental activities that directly benefit the Puget Sound region. His presentations and blogs enlighten and inspire his audiences to share his passions for photography, videography, and diving.

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