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C.15 The Many Shades of Shellfish Enforcement, from Harvest Grounds to the Illicit MarketplaceMike Cenci, Rich Childers

Two law enforcement boats with a confiscated net of illegal crab traps

Two of our patrol vessels with seized crab gear deployed by Foreign fishing vessels in Washington waters

Managing and policing shellfish resources is a big job. From wild harvest to monitoring private sector aquaculture, WDFW has a role.

The conservation aspect is quite familiar to people, which includes managing the state's naturally embedded shellfish stocks sustainably in order to satisfy treaty fishing right obligations and meet commercial fishing and recreational needs.

Atypical closed season crab catch in Puget Sound

Two WADF&W police in uniform sitting in a boat with a pile of illegal crabsWhat may surprise you is that agencies are mandated to protect the legal seafood industry and the consumer’s health.

There is a vibrant commercial market hungry for good deals on seafood. Often feeding that market is a desperate person who thinks he has found a quick source of cash.

This class will touch on managing the resource, chasing poachers, and controlling a black market.

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