This refers to a PREVIOUS SW, held February 6, 2016
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C.2 Beach FishingKevin Lungren

Kevin fishing at shoreline after sundownIn this introductory class, Kevin will wade through the somewhat complex and confusing salt water fishing regulations and provide information on some popular and not-so-popular public fishing locations.  

He will demonstrate how to play a fish, how to tie the most common fishing knots, and explain why reading tide charts helps your fishing success.  

Kevin notes the importance for all Whidbey residents to understand their civic duty in defending our beaches against the onslaught of pink salmon in odd-numbered years like 2015.  In doing so, many anglers donate surplus salmon to the Good Cheer Food Bank, and Kevin will tell you how you can help.

Bring your questions, bring your gear, come to learn, and prepare to enjoy further our marine environment.

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