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C.10 Learn to Propagate Our Native PlantsBridget McNassar

snowberry twig cuttings inside yellow cylindrical shaped containersNative plants have many interesting, and sometimes mysterious, strategies to ensure their reproductive success in the wild, some of which can make them challenging to propagate in an artificial situation.

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Cleaning Lomatium seeds

plastic container with seeds

We will first explore the fascinating world of seeds, delving into collection, cleaning, storage, and methods of overcoming different types of seed dormancy.

We’ll also look at growing ferns from spores, and vegetative propagation via stem cuttings, rhizome cuttings, and divisions.



Participate in this hands-on workshop and take home some native plant starts of your own! (Please pay your presenter a $5.00 materials fee.)


Copyright: Oxbow Farm

Harvesting Mainthemum rhizomes for cuttings

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