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A.5 Eyes on the Beach, Boots in the Mud: On the lookout for invasive European green crab in Puget SoundJeff Adams, Emily Grason

photo of European Green Crab

European Green Crab, Carcinus maenas

One of the world’s worst invasive species is on our doorstep: in 2012 a population of the European green crab, Carcinus maenas, was first recorded in Sooke Inlet, west of Victoria, B.C. The crab has been established on the outer coast since the late 1990’s, but this was the first observation of this globally-invasive species in the Salish Sea, raising concern about whether the crab could expand its range further into Puget Sound.

Why does this crab have such a bum rap? Are concerns for invasion into Puget Sound well-founded? What are we doing about it?

Most importantly - what can YOU do about it?

Two field workers setting a quadrat next to a transect line

Volunteers survey for green crabs at Deer Lagoon

This session is going to answer these questions and arm you with the information you need to be our “Eyes on the Beach”. You’ll learn how to identify the crab, and distinguish it from similar native species. You’ll learn how to find the best places to look for European green crabs, and what to do if you see one (hint: start by avoiding the pinchers!).

Spotting invasive species at the earliest possible opportunity gives us the best chance for controlling their population and reducing their negative impacts. Your help looking for this invasive crab is critical to protecting Washington’s productive and diverse inland shorelines. For more information on the monitoring program, visit our website:

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