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A.9 Green Shores™ For Homes Washington State and British ColumbiaMaggie Glowacki

Photo of soft shore restorationGreen Shores for Homes (GSH) is a voluntary, incentive-based program that helps waterfront homeowners restore natural shorelines and reap benefits of improved scenery, recreational uses, shoreline protection and environmental quality. Green Shores for Homes can be applied to both new construction and modifications to existing structures, to both whole-site and riparian/shoreline development, on both rural and urban sites, and to both freshwater and marine shoreline environments.

This class will outline the development of the Green Shores for Homes program including a full discussion of the GSH Rating System that uses credits to award points to a waterfront project. The final score of a project assesses the level of ecological improvement that is achieved at a site  using this program. Learn how the program benefits homeowners and the environment, and learn how local governments can use the program to incentivize ecological improvements along the shoreline.

For more information, visit the Green Shores for Homes website at which will be available after December 15th.

 Photos copyright City of Seattle Green Shorelines

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