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B.16 The Ecology of Seagrasses and Adjacent HabitatsRonald Thom

photo of opalescent nudibranch on eel grassWe will cover the ecology of seagrasses in Puget Sound and the outer coast of Washington. This will include interactions with adjacent habitats including seaweeds, tidal marshes, and tidal flats.

The session will describe the structure, processes (e.g., productivity) and functions (e.g., food web support) associated with these habitats, along with the factors that control the development and dynamics of the habitats. The food webs associated with the habitats will be described. 

We will explore the effects of stressors on the habitats including physical disruption, shoreline development, and climate change. Finally we will address aspects of the resilience, protection and restoration of these of a large bed of eel grass visible just below surface

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