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A.4 Environmental Assessment & Monitoring: Integrating UAVs, Aerial Photography, and Mapping TechnologiesRuss McMillan, Brad McMillan

aeiral image of a wooded shoreline and grey water

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have rapidly become a part of our daily conversations. Advances in technology have dramatically increased the availability and economy of an easily deployable, flying platform for augmenting environmental studies, especially the geographic information systems (GIS) mapping we do in environmental work.

The class will explore some of the basic distinctions between types of UAVs and how each can benefit our environmental assessment and monitoring efforts.

GIS users have always craved high-resolution and near real time imagery. UAVs offer a unique opportunity for users to gather their own high-resolution temporal data. Such data can easily be brought into GIS software to perform analyses.

This class will also cover some of the basics of using UAV’s for GIS and mapping including post-processing, ortho-mosaicing, georeferencing, spatial analysis, and 3D structure-from-motion (SfM).

aerial view showing a grid system of points used in mapping with a camera on a UAV

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