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C.1 Attracting Pollinators and Beneficial Insects To Your Garden and FarmEric Lee- Mader

bee hovering in front of a yellow flowerBeneficial insects — such as pollinators and predator insects that eat farm and garden pests — are the unsung champions of the farm and garden.

This workshop will explore the ecology of these often overlooked and undervalued allies and suggest practical approaches to enhancing their populations in the garden or on the farm.

Specific topics will begin with an overview of the diverse groups of beneficial insects that prey upon pests and pollinate crops.  We will then engage in a more detailed discussion of the latest scientific information on ways to attract and sustain populations of these beneficial insects. Practical suggestions will include providing habitat features like wildflower strips, hedgerows, beetle banks, cover cropping and more. sign in field "Pollinator Habitat", green house nearby

We will also touch briefly on pesticide risk reduction strategies and suggestions for accessing financial and technical assistance to implement beneficial insect conservation.

Concepts will be illustrated by real world case studies of farms and gardens, and by current research findings.

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