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A.19 The Secret Lives of Pigeon Guillemots on Whidbey IslandPhyllis Kind, Ann Casey

Photo of Pigeon GuillemotPigeon Guillemots, chunky black and white seabirds with fire engine red feet, are the only seabird known to breed and nest in the sandy bluffs surrounding Whidbey Island. These charismatic seabirds are a recognized indicator species for the health of Puget Sound. Since 2004 the Whidbey Audubon Society's Pigeon Guillemot Research Group have worked with over 50 trained volunteers collecting data from 25 known nesting sites surrounding Whidbey Island. Little was previously known about these birds, but the data from this long-term research project has provided a window into the breeding and nesting behavior of the PGs here on Whidbey Island. Join us as we share our knowledge about this project and those darlings of our Whidbey bluffs, the Pigeon Guillemots.

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