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A.10 Ikkatsu Project: A Puget Sound Bottle-Boat Voyage Highlights Our Addiction to PlasticKen Campbell

Photo of Ken Campbell paddling the Hyas yiem

In April of 2014 Ken Campbell embarked on a 150-mile trip from one end of Puget Sound to the other using a kayak that had been constructed out of discarded single-use plastic bottles.

The kayak, the Hyas yiem, "... took about 450 bottles to build,” says Campbell. “Which seems like a lot at first, but when you consider that in this country we go through 1500 bottles of water every second, it starts to put it in perspective.”

The voyage included several data gathering assignments, including water sampling for microplastics along the length of the route, something that had not been done to date.

Raising awareness about the dangers that plastic poses to the marine environment is the driving idea behind this presentation, as well as one of the core messages of the Ikkatsu Project.

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