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C.5 Evidence Of Historic Tsunamis Inundation In Island CountyJim Rich, Brian Ostrom, Colin Bloom, Andrew Raulerson

Geology students in the filedThis class provides a brief overview of tsunami generation, propagation and sources that pose a risk to Camano and Whidbey Islands. The majority of the class will focus on the geologic record of tsunamis in Island County and the active investigations by students and researchers at Central Washington University.

Geology student doing field workThis class will cover our current understanding of when and how frequently tsunamis have occurred  that affected the islands and how large these tsunamis have been.  The principal researchers will discuss recent projects near Oak Harbor in 2014 and on Camano Island in 2015, as well as future plans for 2016. Tsunami modeling results will be presented that may answer questions about future tsunami hazards.

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