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B.1 A View of Oysters in WashingtonKurt Johnson, Kevin Lungren

a row of oysters in the half shell

This class is a broad view of oysters in Washington State.

Your copresenters will give an overview of the story of oysters including historical accounts of harvesting native oysters many years ago, the role of oysters in the ecosystem, and the farming of Pacific oysters.

You will be introduced to the different species of oysters found in Washington and learn how to identify them from their physical characteristics.

Health and safety issues for enjoying oysters from local beaches will be discussed.  Bring your questions and don't hesitate to ask about any of your concerns.

an oyster garden row on the beach at low tide

Do you think you might want to start a new hobby such as oyster gardening on Whidbey Island?--This class will provide you with some tips on how to get started and where to find suitable beaches for this activity.

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