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C.16 The Secret World of Slugs and SnailsDavid George Gordon

Banana SlugStep into a world that, until now, you've only stepped on. In this class, David George Gordon, a preeminent expert on the small wonders of the natural world, will playfully and thoughtfully shed light on the fascinating lives of slugs and snails. Covering everything from snail sex to the use of "snail water" by 17th century physicians, Gordon will take class participants on a journey through the languid and magical world of these charismatic invertebrates.

He will present tidbits from his book, "The Secret Life of Slugs and Snails," that include indispensable gardening tips and a host of other information on the much-maligned mollusks. Whether removing non-native slugs from your garden or following a native snail as it meanders across the forest floor, you'll never look at these underdogs the same way again.  

David's book "The Secret World of Slugs and Snails" will be available for purchase during Sound Waters 2016 as will his "The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook."  

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