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A.3 Coastal Geology: Bluffs, Beaches and LandslidesHugh Shipman

Bluff erosionWhere is your favorite beach? Do you know how it was formed or why it changes during the year? What will that beach look like in 20, 50 or 100 years?  

And what about the landslides you saw on the news? Could that have been prevented?

Did you know that much of the salt marsh habitat on Whidbey Island occurs (or used to occur) behind spits?  Why is that?

photo of eroded beach bluff

This class will answer many of your questions. You'll be expertly guided through a slideshow illustrating principles and local examples of geology and beaches.   Come learn the importance of storms and discover that erosion is often a good thing.  Our shorelines can be exciting places--storm surges, king tides, 60 mph gusts, landslides--and they demand stewardship.

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