Storming the Sound – save 1/25/2024


Susan Wood, event organizer, writes:

Our small (but friendly) planning team wants your help. This conference is very home-grown, affordable, and local, and that means lots of rewarding work for the planning team. If you’d like to assist with preparations, let us know. We need your creativity, energy, and community connections. Organizational skills are also helpful!

What excites you? What concerns you? What would you like to share or discuss?

This is your regional conference, centered around you, the participants. We’ll set up the space for discussion, thinking, inspiration and sharing. We’ll feed you wholesome, local food. We’ll move chairs and tables and displays. You’ll provide the ideas, issues, and excitement. 

Excited about something you’ve tried this year? Interested in hearing what your colleagues are doing? Want to share music or art or poetry? 

Please send your ideas for sessions to Susan Wood and let her know if you’re willing to facilitate (or know someone who could facilitate).

Let’s gather at Maple Hall in LaConner in January to energize and support one another. Look for registration links in December.

Storming the Sound is organized by PAC NAME – Pacific Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators


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