Stewardship: Composting at Home

composting at home

With all the wonderful produce currently available, now is a great time to set up a home-based composting system so the plant parts you cut off or don’t eat can help improve your soil. Here is a very simple solution recommended by Scott Chase, SWS Class of 2002, Board Member and Co-Chair of Stewardship Committee. 

Instructions: To make your own in-ground, food-waste composter, punch holes in an metal garbage can and bury it in the ground with just the top several inches and the metal lid exposed above ground level. Put compost into the bin and water it if it gets too dry. Worms from the soil will come in and out. Keep the lid on tight to keep away rats, mice, racoons, etc.

For more ideas and details see:

Pictured here: Patricia Blankenship, a Sound Water Steward and Waste Wise volunteer, explains composting, recycling and waste reduction at a booth a few years ago. The tin can next to the display board is an example of a home-made composting bin you can bury in the ground. 

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