Snow Goose & Swans & Birds Near Stanwood

If you missed the Snow Goose & Birding Festival in Stanwood on the last Saturday in February, Feb 24, 2024, then you can still watch the lecture by Martha Jordan. Sound Water Stewards hosted and recorded Martha Joran in March 2023 at a monthly member meeting. Below is her presentation on White Swans of Winter.

Martha Jordan has a B.S. degree in Wildlife Science from Oregon State University. Professionally she has worked both in marine and terrestrial environments throughout Washington and parts of Alaska. In the late 1970s while volunteering to observe snow geese and reading their collars in the Skagit Valley, WA, she began to look at the small group of Trumpeter Swans in the same area. By 1984 she had expanded her survey efforts to all of Western Washington and had contributed much information to both state and federal agencies on the status of Trumpeter Swans in Washington State. She wrote the state’s first Trumpeter Swan management plan in 1985. She is still active in both field work and education related to both Trumpeter and Tundra Swans throughout the region. She is currently the Executive Director of Northwest Swan Conservation Association, a regional non-profit. The focus is on our native swans and their habitats throughout the northwest region.

Presented here:

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