Round-Up for SWS

The goose community grocer round up for charity

For January, SWS is the local charitable organization selected by The Goose Community Grocer in Langley to receive Round-Up donations. Every month, The Goose selects one group and invites customers to round up their purchase to the next even dollar and gives the round-up “loose change” to charity! Super easy for customers and for the store.

It’s surprising how quickly these donations add up! 100% of donations go to the featured local organization each month.

Update: On 2/10/2022, SWS Treasurer received a check for $6,165.16! Thank you to all our members and supporters who rounded up in January! Your donations will do support SWS ongoing work to educate our local communities and visitors about Salish Sea and shoreline health.

Goose Grocer Round-Up Donation to SWS
SWS Treasurer John Welsh (right) receiving Round-Up Donation Check from the Goose Grocer in Langley

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