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Teaching the Next Generation of Stewards

Project Metric

2,040+ children taught over the last 5 years
Collage of volunteers and children for SWS k-12 Education

Our educational programs are at the heart of everything we do.

We strive to

  • Provide accurate scientific information.
  • Create a class environment that is engaging, hopeful and uplifting.
  • Help people to see and appreciate the natural world in a new way.
  • Foster peoples love for nature.
  • Teach people ways that they can make a difference.
K-12 Education photo of nature journaling
K-12 Education photo of beach exploration

We run a number of K-12 programs with groups like local schools and WA State Parks. We have also started to focus on our online educational resources like our kids video series Rain Shadow Explorers that can be found in our media gallery. If you have interest in participating in one of our programs or becoming a partner please contact us at education@soundwaterstewards.org

K-12 Education photo of seaweed class