Hall 3 at whidbey 101 in 2023

Camano 101 – Whidbey 101

Tools for Living on an Island

Local nonprofits and government agencies share expertise and volunteer opportunities for “living on an island.” Though intended especially for new-comers, everyone can benefit from gaining an understanding of the limits of local resources: water, septic, energy (gas, electric), garbage/recycling, noxious weeds and native plants, caring for the marine habitat on the shores.

IF you moved here recently, Camano 101 and Whidbey 101 events are resource fairs where you meet a plethora of local organizations that can help you adjust to your new surroundings.

Topics frequently addressed:

  • Access to and caring for local beaches
  • Preserving land through Conservation Futures and land-trust, conservancy organizations
  • Recycling, waste treatment
  • Composting at home or commercially
  • Caring for and living with your septic system
  • Where do es your water come from and how can you protect the aquifer you rely on
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Local Free Transit and its connections to the nearby cities and counties in the region
  • State Parks, County Parks – and how you can help take care of them
  • Biking & Hiking Trails – how you can help take care of them
  • Forest management and orchard experts
  • Sustainable gardening
  • Public Health – Environmental Health
  • Electric Vehicle charging
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Community and Volunteering