Monofilament line collected by beach stewards

Stewards Cleaning Our Beaches

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125+ Pounds removed from Island County Beaches See Our Impact

For many years, Sound Water Stewards have contributed a great number of volunteer hours in cleaning Island County beaches of beach litter, from tiny pieces of plastic to large boat hulls. Beaches are a critical biodiversity area, supporting numerous plants and animals. Many of these life forms cannot be seen with the naked eye, due to either their microscopic size or being buried in the sand. These organisms play an important role in nutrient recycling and seawater filtration; keeping their habitat clean ensures their ability to serve their crucial roles.

photo of cleanup with three people at truck bed

Some beaches act as nurseries for forage fish, or as nesting and feeding sites for birds and terrestrial wildlife. The simple act of removing items like plastic straws, one of the most common types of beach litter, prevents birds and marine life from mistaking them for food, choking them or clogging their intestines. Marine mammals like sea lions and seals need a clean beach to rest, molt, breed, and give birth. Our efforts provide them a safe habitat and contribute to a healthy marine environment.

photo of iverson beach cleanup
photo of double bluff bcu cleanup

Besides being an enjoyable recreation area for all residents to enjoy, preferably litter-free, beaches support numerous plants and animals. These benefits depend on safe and healthy coasts. Beach clean-up is essential in improving and protecting the ocean and coastal ecosystem — and can be an easy and fun activity for almost everyone. See the calendar of events and join in at one of our public beach litter clean-ups, usually located at State and County shorelines. You can make a difference in keeping local beaches safe and clean – we invite you to join us.

Purple Card – YOU can also apply for a purple card which allows you to dispose of debris and litter from a public beach to an Island County transfer station for free.