Yellow bull kelp in green water


August 30, 2021 In Memoriam: Dan Pederson
Well known Langley author, blogger and photographer, and friend of Sound Water Stewards / WSU Beach Watchers, Dan Pedersen passed away at the end
August 30, 2021 Mussel Bagging
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) conducts a monitoring study of toxins released into Puget Sound from stormwater runoff and industrial/municipal releases.
August 23, 2021 Stewards Needed & Appreciated for Feb 5-6, 2022
Join the Sound Waters University (SWU) Committee and wow the Pacific Northwest region with Sound Waters University 2022! 
August 10, 2021 Naturalist (2021-08)
Foglight on Wiley Slough, a poem and photo by Ellyn Thoreen
July 20, 2021 Stewardship: Composting at Home
To make your own in-ground, food-waste composter, punch holes in an metal garbage can and bury it in the ground with just the top several
July 20, 2021 Naturalist (2021-07)
It began in April with a pair of American robins taking over our porch. They stood on the back of chairs (messy) and pecked loudly
September 9, 2020 Naturalist (2020-09)
Changes Watching Sound Water Stewards Class of 2020 discuss, in scientific terms, what I have loved, have always loved, can sometimes feel like a loss. It

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