New Project? Help Monitor Stormwater?

stormwater monitoring

Are you interested in Stormwater Monitoring?

SWS Community Science Committee is reviewing possible involvement in an ongoing project under the lead of Friends of Skagit Beaches for grant-funded work they are doing. We need to gauge SWS interest in helping with this project before it moves forward. It is a great opportunity but the Committee needs to hear FROM YOU. Please send your level of interest in being actively involved to Tabitha who is staff support to the committee.

  • Project Scope: The community science committee approved a Stormwater monitoring project in partnership with Friends of Skagit Beaches. Volunteers to use YSI meter measurements, turbidity analysis, and E coli water sampling in Oak Harbor. Details below, and more forthcoming.

Volunteers needed: We are seeking 3 to 4 Sound Water Stewards.

  • Time commitment: once a month at 6 outfalls in Oak Harbor for the next 2 years at low tides, sometimes at night in the winter, occasionally after a significant rain event. 
  • Roles: Requires a project lead plus 2-3 samplers. For training and backup, we’d like to have up to 4 volunteers in case one of the members is away, sick, otherwise unavailable. 
  • Training: provided by Friends of Skagit near end of August. Sampling to start in September with the rainy season.
  • Qualifications expectant of our volunteers, per Friends of Skagit:
    • Health that supports walking on irregular and wet surfaces along the shoreline
    • Patience with procedures, equipment, and data recording, especially in cold, raining, windy and possibly dark weather conditions
    • Good humor when learning the equipment and procedures. The survey conditions will test the resolve of anyone.
    • Friends of Skagit Anacortes volunteers have a mixture of these physical attributes among them: arthritis in their hands and feet, sometimes too portly, poor night time vision, and diminishing balance. They compensate with walking poles, sturdy footwear, good hats, headlamps, and a compatible team member.


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