Molt Search Updates


Molt-o-Meter is a regular email report about the Green Crab Molt Search project specifically geared for those who have attended training and know how to do a Molt Search and to inspire you to do more Searches.

Learn How by watching the June 12 training featuring Tabitha Jacobs-Mangiafico, SWS Whidbey Coordinator embedded below.

Your counts – including zeros – over the winter months will help shape the program’s future. This program is a collaboration between WSG’s Crab Team (Lisa Watkins) and WSU Extension (Jonathan Robinson & Cheryl Lovato Niles) with participation from organizations and individuals across the region.  

10/23/2023 – Molt-o-Meter #4: October Update

09/10/2023 – Molt-o-Meter #3: September Update

08/14/2023 – Molt-o-Meter #2: August Update

07/13/2023 – Molt-o-Meter #1: Molt Search Update

Here are the slides Tabitha presented to SWS in June 2023 (compressed for smaller file size)

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