You Have at Least One of these Items to Make a Difference on the Beach.

Bluff on the Water

Sound Water Stewards teams up with Whidbey Weekly to write articles on Making a Difference. This June 16 – June 22, 2022 article was written by Tabitha Jacobs-Mangiafico.

“Have you ever found mysteries walking on the beach? Have you ever discovered a bright blue shell? Or wondered why it looks like rubber is lining the beach? Perhaps you find chunks of Styrofoam washed up in the wrack line (the location where organic and inorganic material is washed from high tide). Do you think to yourself, “I wish I had a bag,” or, “I should come back and clean this up,”? You already have the receptacles on you which you need to make a difference on the beach!”

How do I know you have these items to make a difference on the beach? A group of elementary school students showed me from their perspective how we could make a difference instantaneously when we discovered little bits of trash in the wrack line.

Bull Kelp with Sori
Bull Kelp blade with reproductive dark patch called Sori.
Photo by: Tabitha Jacobs-Mangiafico

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