Invasive Plant Removal

poison hemlock

South Whidbey State Parks Need Your Help – Work Parties March 10 & 31

Mark your calendars and make plans now to help Friends of Whidbey State Parks (FOWSP) remove invasive species that are threatening shorelines and restoration areas that were newly planted with native plants. Bring gloves, water bottle and mask.

On March 10 at Fort Casey State Park, help remove Poison Hemlock and Cudweed. On March 31 at South Whidbey State Park, help remove Yellow Archangel, American Holly and English Ivy. In the process, you’ll learn to identify these weeds so you can spot them in other places.

For Fort Casey, please wear rubber boots that you can wash off at the site so that you don’t spread tiny weed seeds as you walk away or carry seeds to your own property.

9 am to noon both days. Cookies for all volunteers.

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