In Memoriam: Norm Kosky, Class of 2003

Norm Kosky passed away peacefully at the beginning of November (2022), at age 84, due to a hemorrhagic stroke. Originally from Hibbing, Minnesota, Norm attended the same high school as folk singer Bob Dylan, graduating a few years apart.  Norm was a psychologist at Port Susan Middle School in Stanwood prior to retiring in 2001.  

Norm then signed up for the first Beach Watchers training class on Camano in 2002, but broke his foot shortly before training started, so had to postpone until 2003. He joined several other Beach Watchers in taking Marine Mammal Stranding Network (MMSN) training from Sandy Dubpernell,  a Beach Watcher / Sound Water Steward who also passed away recently. 

While many MMSN volunteer responders dropped away over the years, Norm was a dedicated volunteer who could be counted on to respond on short notice, sometimes in his kayak.

Norm was an avid outdoorsman who you could find backpacking, kayaking, skiing, etc. He took part in Mountaineer activities when he lived near Green Lake in Seattle, encouraging others to learn how to sea kayak. It’s said that he and his wife Deb had a room in their house that looked like an REI store. 

He and Deb used to take their sea kayaks for trips in the San  Juan Islands and up into Canada.  Norm was a teacher of Vipassana Meditation, and would on occasion take a few month trip to India to study and meditate. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

Deb and Norm Kosky

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