Grasser's Lagoon

Description, size, location and components of the estuary

Grasser's Lagoon estuary covers about 40 acres and is located in the northwest corner of Penn Cove, on the eastern shore of central Whidbey Island.  

It has an open water lagoon, mudflats covered with algae, fringing saltmarsh and a beach berm.  It is privately owned.

Click here for enlarged photo Photo by Kathy Floyd, c. 2004

Source of fresh water

There are no streams that enter the lagoon. Fresh water is primarily from surface runoff from the road.


Distichlis spicata, Fucus distichus, Grindelia integrifolia, Mahonia nervosa, Plantago maritime, Rosa pisocarpa, Rubus procerus, Salicomia virginica, Spartina anglica, Symphoricorpos albus, and Triglochin maritimum.

Man made obstructions to the estuary

Rt. 20 provides a barrier on the west and north edges of the lagoon and there has been substantial clearing of vegetation from portions of the buffer.  There has been some armoring of the beach.

Description of the historic estuary

This site is largely unchanged from its historic condition.


Island County Estuarine Restoration Program

Prepared by Sheldon & Associates, Inc., June 2001

Puget Sound Creosote Awareness project

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