Dugualla Lake

Description, size, location and components of the estuary

Dugualla Lake estuary covers about 120 acres and is located east of SR 20 between Ault Field and Dugualla Bay on Frostad Rd. It consists primarily of open water and freshwater marsh.

Source of fresh water
Freshwater is provided by Dugualla Creek. The freshwater is pumped from the lake out of the lake into the bay and the lake level is artificially maintained. The pumping station is maintained by the U.S. Navy.

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Photo by Kathy Floyd, c. 2004

Pasture Grasses, Jaumea camosa, Rosa nutkana, Rubus procerus, Scirpus tabemontanii, and Typha latifolia.

Man made obstructions to the estuary

The size of this system has been reduced by diking, artificial control of water levels and ditching and culverts. Vegetation has been removed from most of the buffers. There is no opening from the lake to the ocean. There is a tidegate but it does not function.

Description of the historic estuary

Historically this was an extensive saltmarsh, connected to Dugualla Bay by two channels.


Island County Estuarine Restoration Program

Prepared by Sheldon & Associates, Inc., June 2001

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