Beach Etiquette

Please Enjoy and Protect Intertidal Life
During Low Tides

A marvelous window opens for us during spring and summer low tides. This is when we can explore the rich diversity of intertidal life otherwise out-of-sight and out-of-reach on our favorite beaches.

Good beach etiquette calls on us to respect these creatures, their dwelling places and all life. A meaningful way to learn about marine life is to take photographs or draw pictures, being careful not to poke, injure or disturb creatures and not to remove them from their natural setting.

We teach our children important lifetime values when we introduce them to the wonders of nature and instill a sense of respect and stewardship toward all life.

We recommend the following "beach etiquette" be observed by adults and children during spring and summer low tides:

With our good care and stewardship, intertidal life can flourish!

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