Intertidal Life of Puget Sound
A Beach Walk

Imagine that you've arrived at a public beach on Puget Sound near low tide. You've talked with a Beach Watcher recently and therefore know how to practice good beach etiquette. A few yards away you see a large rock partially covered with seaweed. As you walk closer, you see several kinds of animals on the rock. Can you guess what these animals are? (Click on the picture of any animal to learn more about it.)

[Periwinkle drawing] [Limpet drawing] [Chiton drawing] [Barnacle drawing] [Mussel drawing]

A little further along the beach, you come upon a tide pool -- a standing pool of water left behind by the receding tide. In the tide pool are some of the animals you've already seen, but a few more as well. What might they be?

[Anemone drawing] [Sculpin drawing] [Sea star drawing] [Gunnel drawing]
[urchin drawing]

You continue on. You find the sand littered with the remains of many of the animals you've seen live. In addition, you find some shells of animals you haven't yet seen alive. Where do you suppose these animals live?

[Sand Dollar drawing] [Clam drawing] [Crab drawing]

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