Washington State University / Island County Beach Watchers

April 2006 Beach Log

2006 Training Brings Groups Together
Beach Watchers training in Island County had some historic changes this year. For the first time we had simultaneous training on both Whidbey and Camano in March, with Camano trainees continuing their training throughout the month of April and Whidbey trainees getting involved in volunteer activities throughout Spring and Summer, resuming training in October.

Beach Watchers and COASST graduate more beached birders
What has three webbed toes and a fourth toe free? What has a wing chord length of 17-19 cm? What has a reddish pointed bill? These are some of the puzzles that the newest "Coassters" were solving during their training to investigate and report on dead seabirds.


Rudy Joins Rosie

Dall's Porpoise installed at
Coupeville Wharf

The Dall's Porpoise washed up on South Whidbey on Valentine's Day 2004. Rudy the Dall's porpoise now hangs from the Coupeville Wharf Ceiling.

Rudy's Move to Coupeville Wharf

Rudy's skeleton was hung in the Coupeville Wharf Discovery Center on Friday morning, April 7th, accompanied by Tahoma school classes and several Beach Watchers and local well-wishers.

Whoo!  Whoo-Whoo-Whoo!
Whoo! Whoo!
It happened again, and this time far more dramatically. While walking the Al Emerson trail in Camano Island State Park March 7th with fellow Beach Watchers...

Other News

Gray Whale Watch Cruise

Whidbey Camano Land Trust presents Conservation Connections

Stranding Network Training Class in May

Yippee! $$$$$$ (bottom of page, right column)

Rosario Management to be discussed (bottom of page, right column)

Schedule of tours on Rosario Beach
Spring 2006

March 16th Tire Recycling Day Crew Photo (bottom of page)

Washington Lighthouse License Plates Count as of April 18, 2006

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