Who We Are

WSU Beach Watchers come from all walks of life and bring a rich cross-section of backgrounds, experience, service and talents.

They share a common goal - to improve, maintain and protect a thriving Puget Sound ecosystem through education, community outreach, stewardship, and research.

Volunteers are selected through an interview process. Accepted volunteers then receive 100 hours of expert training from top instructors in such subjects as the beaches, environmental processes, geology, marine life, and practices for promoting a healthy environment to name just a few.

In return for this unique educational opportunity, all new Beach Watchers agree to "give back" a minimum of 100 volunteer hours to whatever they find interest in. This might include scientific surveys, talking with students and the public, even helping maintain our website and monthly newsletter but there is so much more. It is fun and the enthusiasm is contagious.

Each year in February through June, seining projects measure populations of juvenile salmon and other fish as they enjoy our estuaries on their way to the ocean.

As the extreme-low-tide days arrive (from late April through mid summer) intertidal monitoring begins to help baseline the variety of species to be found in the intertidal zone on our beaches.

Come summer, the Sound Waters crew starts up, to plan and implement this "one day university for all" held each February.

Throughout the year, we contribute to a wide variety of research, education, and public outreach projects. Please join us!

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