Green Crabs? What to do

green crab survey

European green crab identification and information

If you find a suspected European green crab or its shell in Washington, report it using the form below as soon as possible. At this time, we are not asking the public to kill suspected green crabs. This may sound counterintuitive but is intended to protect native crabs from cases of mistaken identity. As a Prohibited species, it is illegal to possess a live European green crab in Washington.

Report your sighting

Please enter European green crab for Species in the form below. Take several pictures from different angles to confirm identification. It’s also helpful to include a coin or other object to help show its size. Identification guides are available on WDFW species webpage. Learn More:

Molt Search – Important New Program

Early detection of European Green Crab presents the best chance to reduce the spread and impact of this globally damaging invasive species. Washington Sea Grant and Washington State University Extension are teaming up to launch Molt Search, a new volunteer-based early detection program to complement the existing WSG Crab Team trapping and monitoring network.

Molt Search teaches volunteers what to look for and how to report the presence of European green crab molts along inland shorelines. See the Protocols and Crab Identification Sheet

Registration is required for volunteer training workshops – here are local dates

If you plan to go, register using links above, AND please let Joan know.

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