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Through local shoreline events, Sound Water Stewards will showcase the uniqueness of the marine habitat, the species living there, why they matter, and what you can do to help preserve them.

Based on the site, events will highlight these species

  • plankton 
  • grey whales, ghost shrimp 
  • invasive green crabs, native crabs 
  • marine birds, pigeon guillemots, bald eagles
  • forage fish, eelgrass
  • sea stars, sunflower stars
  • clams, mussels, gunnels

The Salish Sea faces intense challenges. Human-caused pollution and over-use have degraded marine ecosystems. Port Susan, Skagit Bay, Stillaguamish River and Saratoga Passage are ecologically sensitive waters. We will teach sustainability actions and give out a hand lens to all participants to take a closer look, plus a Junior Steward booklet for youth.

Everyone can play a role in stewardship.

On Giving Tuesday, Nov 29, give online at and 100% of your donation goes to SWS.
SCGive to SWS on Nov 29

Please, go online to the SCG!VE website and donate on Giving Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022.

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